Adoption Application

    It is my policy to make certain that each person who adopts an animal is aware of the responsibilities of having a pet and is capable of and willing to accept those responsibilities morally, physically and financially. By completing this questionnaire, you will aid me in determining if the animal of interest would suit you and your lifestyle. Adoptions are made by appointment only. We do charge an adoption fee.


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    About the cat you are interested in adopting:

    1. Which cat are you interested in adopting?

    2. Why do you want to adopt this pet? (select all that apply)
    Companion for Another PetCompanion for SelfGiftBarn CatAs a MouserReplacement PetTo Breed

    3. How long have you been actively looking for a new pet?

    4. How will you care for your pets nails?

    5. Where will your new pet live?

    6. How and where will the pet be expected to relieve him/herself?

    7. Who will be responsible for the pet's daily care? (select all that apply)


    8. Who will be financially responsible for the pet? (select all that apply)


    9. How much will you budget for care each month (includes supplies & health care)?

    About your current pet(s):

    10. (a) Are there other pets in the household now?

    (b) If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please provide a detailed description about your pet(s), indicating type, sex, age, spayed/neutered, lived indoors/outdoors:

    11. Do you vaccinate your pet(s)?

    12. (a) If there are no pets in the household now, have you owned any pets before?

    (b) If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, where is the pet(s) now?

    13. If any pets died in the last 12 months, what were the circumstances?

    Please explain:

    Veterinary references:

    14. Name and phone number of veterinary reference:*
    (Please alert the vet that we will be calling for a reference)

    15. Name and phone number of veterinary to be used for new pet if different from above:
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    Information about your household:

    16. Type of residence:

    17. Length of time living at this address:

    18. (a) Do you own or rent the home you live in?

    (b) If renting, what are the pet regulations?

    19. What age groups live in your household? (select all that apply)


    Any additional information you would like us to know:

    Please accept the following terms:
    All of the information I have provided is true and correct. If any of the information changes, I will advise you promptly.