Big Daddy

Meet Daddy! This poor guy was trapped in the feral colony where Trooper & Valerie came from in Esopus. He was an unneutered male who had major self inflicted wounds to the back of his head due to chronic ear problems. His poor ears hurt/itched him so much that ripping into his skin with his own nails until it was raw was the lesser of two evils…I can’t even imagine the discomfort he was in. He is now on antibiotics & pain meds., and warm & happy! He still needs a little TLC, but what a total love he is. (More recent photos are shown first in line. To show his progress, I have left his intake pictures towards the end.)

DaddyIMG01166-20110321-20464374838066_b9b68bca1eIMG00024-20091204-1739 IMG00238-20091105-1707IMG00277-20091115-1752IMG00281-20091115-1753IMG00282-20091115-1753IMG00220-20091102-2139IMG00225-20091102-2140IMG00227-20091102-2140

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