Meet Callie! This is the poor girl lost her kittens while pregnant, got trapped/spayed/released, her spay site got infected so she got trapped and medicated and released. Then someone tried to take her in only to toss her back out because they said she had bumps on her skin. Turns out the poor girl is allergic to fleas and was crawling with them. Well she’s now she’s with me and has been completely worked up at the vet and is flea free! Her “bumps” (which were scabs from scratching) are almost gone, she’s fully vaccinated, dewormed, her blood work was great and she’s FIV/FeLV negative. Even after all she’s been through this little sweet heart is a complete doll and a talker! Now she’s just waiting for you to take her home!

Callie 1Callie 2Callie

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