Jack is a handsome orange tabby kitten that was born in Cornwall around June 09. He was trapped along with his sister and mother at the end of September.


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  1. John and Steph says:

    Jack is doing great. After only 2 days we can now pet him without hissing and he is even chasing/playing with a cat toy i rigged on and old fishing pole. He seems to open up more each time we handle him. Rosy met him in his room then she hissed and ran away.If we leave the door open he will even come out and peek around. Tory knows he’s in there but she is now hiding upstairs in Well keep you posted on his progress.

  2. John and Steph says:

    It has been almost a year now since we brought Jack home on Christmas Eve. What a joy he is to us!! He blossomed into such a playfull and affectionate (and mischievious) boy. We cannot imagine home without him. What a great little guy! Thanks for all you do Bobbie!

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