Regularly scheduled vaccinations are important for building your kitten’s immunity or continuing to protect your adult cat from several serious cat diseases. We require that all adopted cats continue their vaccines after adoption. These vaccines are Rabies and Distemper. Here’s a schedule of vaccinations that we recommend you follow:

Around 6-8 Weeks
First FVRCP vaccination. This is the distemper multiple vaccine. It protects against Feline Distemper (panleukopenia), Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus.

Around 12 Weeks
Second FVRCP booster. This is done 3-4 weeks after the first vaccine.

Around 16 Weeks
Final FVRCP and Rabies vaccination. This first rabies vaccine lasts for 1 year. Although there is a 3yr Rabies vaccine that can be given the next year, it has been associated with a rare tumor called a sarcoma and it is deadly. Instead, please vaccinate your cat yearly with a Purevax Rabies vaccine to ensure your pets safety.

The FVRCP and Rabies vaccines should be given yearly during your cat’s annual exam with your veterinary.

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